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We’re a targeted recruitment company that specialises solely in JavaScript. And what we provide are expert JavaScript talent solutions for both candidates and clients. Whether you’re a JS developer looking for that next step up in your career, or an employer looking to level-up your team‘s JavaScript capabilities, we’re the only people you need to be talking to.


We’ll work with you through the entire process. Once we’ve got a detailed job specification we’ll create a unique video describing the role. We’ll explain what the position is, what sort of person they’re looking for, the next steps in the process and finally the preparation for the interview.​

We’ll also coach you through the interview process, and keep you informed of progress the whole way through to avoid any surprises. We’ll also ensure that we only put you forward for jobs that you want – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach from us. It’s something that our candidates consistently praise us for, and it’s something that distinguishes us from the crowd when it comes to recruiters.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and make the biggest step towards finding your perfect job in JavaScript.


As a targeted JavaScript recruitment company we’re not about being part of anyone’s PSL. Instead we want to work alongside your PSL to complement your existing recruitment stream. This is evident in our meticulous approach to finding the right talent for your team – something that’s underpinned by our 4-point breakdown, designed to solidify your hiring requirements in intricate detail.

We want to know about The Position, The Person and The Process. That then enables us to create The Picture of your business and get to grips with your company culture, your requirements and your goals before we move on to sourcing the talent you need.

We do this by first creating a specific video based on your hiring requirements. We then market this out to our extensive network. Having collated the responses we conduct telephone interviews and VC interviews, which enables us to create a shortlist of suitable profiles. Only then do we send across the most suitable talent to you.

Then throughout the interview process we continue to work behind the scenes, keeping you and the candidate informed of developments – we’re not about surprises. We run a totally transparent process. Which is probably why our job offer to acceptance ratio is so good.

So, now you know what we can do for you, let’s have a chat about finding you the sort of talent that’ll improve your JS game.

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